Features downloadable PDF files visually browsable by subject.

A bit about the drive...

Thank you for browsing these diversity-affirming resources, and a huge thank you to the diversity-affirming organizations who originally produced these incredibly helpful documents and agreed to participate by sharing their work to this Google Drive! 

As a neurodivergent school psychologist re-entering the field after burnout, I wanted to equip families with whom I work neurodiversity-affirming resources. To streamline this, I created a Google Drive organized by topics in neurodiversity. 

In researching "authentic" resources, I realized many organizations may advocate for the same communities, but not all align with the principles of the neurodiversity and self-advocacy movements. There are many organizations out there advocating for awareness of various neurodivergent conditions, but they are limited by the lens of a highly-ableist medical model. It can be much more difficult to discern which organizations are authentic/diversity-affirming vs. those having alternative motives. Dispersing information that is not in fact diversity-affirming can be very harmful. 

I also participate in facebook groups focused on neurodiversity and realized a high demand for a central location to download neurodiversity-affirming resources. Self-advocates, parents, teachers, and support workers don’t always have the time or resources available to personally look into such resources to determine if they are authentically diversity-affirming. 

So I’ve decided to share. 

This drive attempts to remove the grueling aspects of gathering resources by organizing such files into folders that correspond to different aspects of neurodiversity that are important to neurodivergent people. My ultimate goal here is to expand access to neurodivergent support by increasing visibility to these resources. 

The drive features downloadable PDF files browsable by subject, and I have made sure to add the names of the organizations to the titles of resources so that those may be searchable as well.

Each resource has been personally reviewed by me for neurodiversity-affirming status and each organization has been contacted for permission to share. There is a reference list for the resources located within the drive, as well as a separate folder containing “trusted organizations”, should you decide to further explore an organization’s resources on your own. 

It means a lot to me to support other diversity-affirming people and organizations in order to help all divergent individuals live life more authentically, so I thank you for your patience and participation in this process!

Resources are organized across four folders relating to aspects of navigating neurodivergence:

     1. Navigating Neurodiversity: Understanding neurotypes & community perspectives 

     2. Navigating Needs: Self-exploration, developing interests, & establishing community

     3. Navigating Support: Developing self-advocacy & accessing resources & support

     4. Navigating Advocacy: Advocating for inclusion at all Intersections of diversity